LSAT Tutoring

I began tutoring the LSAT in 2018. My experience has included group LSAT lessons, reviews, Q & As, and private tutoring sessions.


I scored in the 99th Percentile on the LSAT in 2018. I studied for the LSAT while working full time and going to school full time.

I created the Facebook group LSAT and Law School Admissions in February of 2018 when I was still studying for the LSAT. I wanted to create an LSAT community to share information!


I joined the Air Force Reserves right after completing high school in 2010. I am still an Avionics Technician on the C-17. After doing this full time for a while, I decided to start my college journey in January of 2016 to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. 

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, summa cum laude, and Associate of Arts in General Studies from American Military University.  I also obtained an Associate of Arts in Avionic Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. 

Prior to starting law school, I was a criminal paralegal. I currently attend a Tier 1 law school debt free thanks to merit scholarship. I talk more about law school during my visit on the Thinking LSAT podcast:

Ep. 226 Wisdom from 1L Shea Daley

About Me

I am very happily engaged to the man of my dreams, Cody. He is also in the Air Force Reserves and works full time as Crew Chief on the C-17.


We love spending time with our one-eyed cat, spending time with our family and friends, working out, finding shows to binge watch together, and working on our many old cars.